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Brush care

Expert advice for optimal cleaning and storage of brushes

To be able to use your brushes as long as possible, here is some advice on how to clean the brushes:
  • Clean the brushes right after using them and avoid that the paint dries on the brush; especially acrylic paint dries very fast and is therefore difficult to remove; eventually warm the brush cleaner.
  • Remove all paint with a cloth and rinse the brush thoroughly with warm water. Use brush soap or cleaning shampoo and no aggressive brush cleaner like turpentine or turpentine substitute. This can cause damage to the brush head and the hair could fall off after a short period of time.
  • Dry moisture with clean cloth or tissue and reshape the brush with gum arabic. So the brush keeps a good shape retention and is ready to use after drying. 
  • To dry the brushes, hang the brush upside down at room temperatue to avoid  water flowing in the ferrule which can cause the brush to loose the head. High variations in temperature, for examples when drying the brush on a heater can cause the wooden handle to shrink and so the ferrule could come off.
  • After complete drying (danger of mold!) store the brush at a dry place. When transporting the brush, use a hair protection (transparent tube) or brush case.

We wish you much pleasure with our brushes made in Germany!

Your team of Zahn brush manufactory

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