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Dry brushes Dry brushes

Dry brushes

Model paint brushes for dry brush technique

Dry brush technique

The dry brush technique is a technique in which a small amount of paint is applied with a dry brush. The paint is almost completely wiped out, leaving only a small amount of paint in the brush head.

In model making, dry brushes are used to work out surface details on figures, buildings, landscapes and all textured materials.

Dry brushing is most effective if the model has differently structured shapes and surfaces.

Swiping the brush with a small amount of paint over the edges or texture applies the paint, highlighting the surface details without destroying the base color.

Light, shadow and depth give the model a realistic look. For painting sand, stones and uneven surfaces the dry brush technique is perfect.

The dry brushes can also be used to imitate hair, fur and skin.


Application of dry brush technique


Even a small amount of paint is sufficient for the brush. Wipe the brush over a kitchen towel, paper or other material to remove most of the paint particles from the brush.

Now slightly swipe the brush over elevated areas. The goal is to apply paint only to the highest points. Apply the paint step by step.

If necessary, repeat the procedure with different shades.

The dry brush

For dry brush technique we recommend a flat, angular and round brush. The most important factor of the brush is the shorter hair lenght.

The stiffness of the processed material plays a major role, because the brush must still be soft enough to glide over surfaces and not damage them.

Thanks to the special production of the brush you can achieve amazing effects. Zahn brush manufactory has proven its international expertise in developping and producing model making brushes in Germany.


Choice of different brush shapes

Our Private Label production range for your brand

Flat stiff Nylon brush

Series 86159

All brushes are suitable for the special drybrush techniques as well as for airbrushing.

The white Nylon fibers are short and tight. On rough surfaces you can create great accents. Further, you can work out realistic effects such as light and shadow on different structural layers. Scratching and painting are combined. Available sizes: 8 and 16.



Angular stiff Nylon dry brush

Series 86160

With the angular brushes, you can easily paint difficult to reach areas like edges and corners. You achieve the desired weathering effects and realistic details.

The dry brushes are produced in our German brush factory individually for your brand. Experienced brush makers produce the brush heads by hand and make every brush unique. 

Available in sizes 8 and 16.

Oval stiff Nylon brush

Series 86158

The effects created by the special brush shape amaze the user! Every little detail, whether on the model, on landscape or on vehicles, can be worked out precisely. The processed material is strong yet flexible. The volume of the bound fiber forms a unit. We produce this brush in the following sizes: 1,6,14.


Round oval brush made of white goat hair

Series 86162

The round oval dry brush made of white natural hair is short and tight in the metal ferrule.

A textured, realistic look, contrasts and characteristic details can be worked out with this round-oval brush made of fine goat hair.

The drybrush brush is combined with a brown tumble-varnished FSC birch wood handle from sustainable forestry.

Available in three sizes: 6,12, 24.

Round oval brush made of grey-white goat hair

Series 86161

The brush has a slightly longer hair lenght. However, this subtle change already contributes to the fact that deep structures in landscape pieces, masonry or the edges of rocks are also  well reached.

This brush can be saved as finish or finetuning brush. Set relatively minimalist but crucial highlights! The brush is available in standard size 10, branded with your logo.


With the combination of brushes from our Drybrush series, you can achieve many different and unique results. We have created a range that covers the needs of model making users in the best possible way.

Contact us for the individualisation options for handle color, imprint and packaging. MOQ 120 pieces per size branded with your logo!

Our recommendation: Dry brushes are also great for acrylic painting, water color painting and oil painting!


Your contact person for model painting brushes & miniature brushes

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Diana Springer

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+49 9822 8230 11

Information about ordering miniature brushes

  • Minimum order quantity 120 pieces
  • Individual design
  • Brushes with own logo
  • Single packaging or
  • Transport packaging

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Create your individual brush range for your modelling brand!

MOQ 120 pieces branded with your logo

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