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Model making accessories

For creativity and details


In model building, a model scenery can mean so much. Whether it's a railway, the model board for your tabletop hobby, or perhaps a mountain range: every scenery can transport us to where we want to be through backgrounds, various materials, and a little bit of imagination.

Cities, forests, seas, the metropolis, or simply a sky - accessories like wooden sticks, plaster, glue, board materials, even crumpled newspaper, are helpers for construction.

Let your scenery come to life with the help of our model making brushes and accessory products.

Spatula series

Spatula made of wood, metal or plastic


Plastic spatulas

Heavy-bodied paints or gels can be applied quickly and cleanly with the smooth and flexible spatulas. The differently shaped spatula tips are used for small details, larger surfaces, and much more.

Ideal for crafting, painting with texture paste, and modeling. This versatile crafting tool should not be missing in your hobby workshop.

The sturdy spatulas made of white plastic are available in a set of 5.


Modeling sticks

Modeling sticks are suitable for working with all modeling and kneading materials, as well as for various modeling techniques. These modeling sticks, thanks to their different shapes, are perfect for creative decorations, pottery, and refining workpieces. The tools have a comfortable grip and allow  precise control. They are ideal for artists and hobbyists of all skill levels, as well as those who are just starting out.

A set consists of 6 different modeling sticks and can be customized with your own brand label.


Metal spatelula

A multi-purpose tool made of stainless steel: Universally applicable, for example, for scraping, scratching, repairing, and reworking. Whether for processing texture paste, filler cream, using adhesives, moving small parts, or for electronic assembly, this tool offers many advantages and applications.

The handy metal spatula with a textured grip surface is equipped with a pointed side and a flat side.

The use of this specialized spatula is a "must-have" in your creative workshop.

Enhance our model building novelties with proven accessories

Sponge set

With the creative sponges, a range of techniques can be implemented. The foam absorbs the paint very well and creates exciting patterns or color reliefs when dabbed, for example.

Dabbing, large-scale paint application, or even stenciling. The paint can be easily spread with strokes, resulting in characteristic imprints and stroke shapes.

The sponges are available in set containing 5 sizes. Thanks to the various sizes, you always have the right sponge at hand.

An interesting and extraordinary tool with a surprise effect!

The shaper tools

Silicone brushes, also known as shapers, are versatile helpers. The high-quality silicone does not harden and remains permanently flexible. The individual shapes have precise edges. The silicone used is known for its durability and easy cleaning.

Let your creativity run wild. Both liquid and pasty paints and materials can be applied and shaped effortlessly. Unique textures and fantastic surface effects can be created in no time.

The shapers are available in the following shapes:

  • Cone

  • Deer foot

  • Claw

  • Pointed

  • Spatula

For every project, our Shaper series, made in Germany, provides you with the right helper by your side.

Finish with proper cleaning

Brush Shampoo

The efficient brush shampoo is perfect for the regular cleaning and maintenance of our brush products. Residues left in the brush bristles can cause them to harden and eventually break.

Take a few minutes to pamper your brushes with a wellness program. The brush shampoo dissolves residues, cleans, and conditions. It is suitable for both synthetic fibers and natural hair.


The brush handle doesn't like water. Therefore, remove any excess paint residue from the brush bristles using a kitchen towel. Clean the brushes with the shampoo. For slightly dried brushes, it's best to place them in a brush holder so that only the bristle tips are soaked and do not touch the bottom.

The brush handle should not come into contact with water. Afterward, gently squeeze the water out of the brush using light pressure. Shape the brush hairs back to their original shape.

Well-maintained brushes bring long-lasting joy!

Our expert advice:

  • Always clean brushes immediately after use, before the acrylic paint has dried.
  • Remove excess paint from the brush before cleaning with water or brush cleaner, for example, by stroking it on a paper towel.
  • Avoid standing brushes on their tips if possible, as this may cause the bristles or hairs to bend.
  • Squeeze out water from the bristles after rinsing and reshape them back to their original shape.
  • Hang brushes upside down to dry (e.g. using a brush washer) or lay them on a sheet of paper towel.
  • Allow brushes to dry at room temperature (do not place them on a heater).

The brush repair gel can be used to reshape the brush. The gum arabic helps reshape the brush tip.

Model building and miniature painting also mean creating a small illusion. Start with it today!

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Information about ordering miniature brushes

  • Minimum order quantity 120 pieces
  • Individual design
  • Brushes with own logo
  • Single packaging or
  • Transport packaging

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