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CASIN Vegan water colour brushes

better than natural hair!

Casin Vegan watercolour brush series

better than natural hair




Our latest masterpiece and a quantum leap in synthetic hair brushes:

The innovative Meisterklasse CASIN Vegan watercolour brush series is the outstanding result of our decades of experience in developing high-quality natural and syntheic hair brushes.

It's no exaggeration to call this new series our best watercolour brushes of all times.

The comprehensive CASIN Vegan watercolour brush range consists of

  • round brushes
  • flat brushes
  • script liners
  • oval wash brushes
  • travel brushes
  • French quill brushes
  • sword stripers and
  • mottlers

We offer each shape in different sizes.

All brushes have ergonomically shaped, perfectly balanced and multiple lacquered handles made from European FSC® birch wood. We are using a very durable, tactile multicolour print with fresh and attractive colours for the individual handle imprint.

The high-quality brass ferrules have a very elegant anthracite finish.

All brushes are handmade in Germany by our master brush makers and according to EMAS and ISO 14001 criteria.

The aim of the development was not only to imitate the characteristics of high-quality natural hair brushes, but even to surpass them with vegan synthetic hair. Thanks to an intelligent combination of the specific advantages of natural and synthetic hair, we have achieved this goal and created a new milestone in brush development.


The Meisterklasse CASIN Vegan watercolour brushes are characterized by an extremely high liquid absorption capacity and an unrivalled shape retention even under heavy use. The different brush shapes are very precisely rendered and are therefore the best precondition for perfect painting results. The key competence is the very individual blending of different geometries, diameters, taper ratios and lengths of synthetic hair as well as a specially developed manufacturing process.


Our CASIN V Watercolour brush sortiment

MOQ 120 pieces / size with your private label imprint!

9901 CASIN V round brush
9907 CASIN V flat brush
9909 CASIN V script liner brush
9910 CASIN V oval wash brush
9911 CASIN V travel brush
9912 CASIN V French style quill brush
9914 CASIN V sword striper
9919 CASIN V mottler

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MOQ 120 pieces / size with your private label imprint!




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