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Technical brushes

Technical brushes and applicators, special brushes, flow brushes & barista brushes

Brush developments are our specialty!

There are many types of work and industrical applications that demand specialized brushes, for example for the automotive industry, aviation and other industrial sectors. 


We develop the following brushes for you:

  • Flow brushes with inner tube in different sizes for example with nickel plated brass ferrule
  • Dosing brushes for robot application incl. brass ferrule
  • Special brushes for dosing applications
  • Deburring brushes / end brushes
  • Miniature brushes with shank
  • Lubricating brushes
  • Water tank brushes
  • Barista brush for cleaning of coffee machine grinders and group heads, espresso brush
  • Forensic brush
  • Bottle with flat brush head (flow brush)
  • Brush head for spray can (flow brush)
  • Brush head for grease gun


Our products in the range of technical brushes

Technical brushes and applicators Technical brushes and applicators

Technical brushes and applicators

Flow brushes Flow brushes

Flow brushes

Barista brushes Barista brushes

Barista brushes

Special brushes Special brushes

Special brushes

Our concept for individual technical brushes

The hairs or bristles are the most important component of the brush. They determine the quality and performance. After a detailed analysis of the specific application, our developers make the hair selection in consultation with you. We can draw on more than 40 different natural hair qualities as well as more than 30 different synthetic hairs. Many of these hair qualities are mixtures specially developed and protected by us. On request, we can insert a flow tube for robotic applications.


The brush ferrules are responsible for a good fixation of the hair. We can offer you different metal ferrules , such as aluminum, nickel-plated brass or stainless steel. For special applications we also have ferrules made of plastic in our program or can mount the hair directly into the brush handle.


Our wooden handles are mainly made of FSC®-certified wood from sustainable forestry. The wood species are usually beech and birch.

We can offer the wooden handles either raw or in a variety of different colors. Besides wood we also use handles made of plastic or metal.


We can label the brush handles according to your requirements, e.g. with your item number, logo and barcode. For good legibility and durability we use pad and thermal transfer printing.

For a very exclusive appearance and durability, we can also laser engrave the ferrules and handles or print them with our multi-color printing method.


We can offer you a variety of different transport and sales packagings.

We pack the brushes in the unit you require, so that you can minimize your internal costs for logistics and repackaging.

If you already have your approved packaging, you can also supply us with your components.


We offer our customers to take over the warehousing. This saves you space and capital commitment costs.

In accordance with your forecasts and frame work agreements, we take care of the availability of the goods and produce independently.


Together we develop unique technical brushes for your application area. Your wishes are our motivation!

Zahn Pinselmanufaktur

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Create your individual brushes now:


Zahn unique brushes - Made in Germany

Many associate Germany with high costs. We associate Germany with flexibility, productivity and quality. In order to be able to manufacture competitively in Germany, Zahn Pinselmanufaktur uses the latest manufacturing technologies, such as database-supported thermal transfer printing, automated gluing robots or radio scanner-supported order picking.

Many customers have now transferred their entire warehousing to Zahn Pinselmanufaktur. Common to all products and processes are uncompromising quality standards, the LEAN concept and a love of clever detail solutions. Zahn Pinselmanufaktur is the first and only brush factory in the world to be certified according to ISO 14001, EMAS and FSC criteria.

More about our brush manufactory


Your contact person for technical brushes

Natascha Wambach

dental brushes, ceramic layering brushes, technical brushes

+49 9822 8230 10

Information about ordering technical brushes

  • Minimum order quantity
    120 pieces
  • Individual design
  • Brushes with own logo
  • Single packaging or
  • Transport packaging

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Technical brushes

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Technical brushes

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