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Detail brush Detail brush

Detail Brush

Brushes for finest details made of Kolinsky or synthetic Kolinex fiber

Our Detail Brushes are high-quality brushes designed for precise, accurate and detailed work.

The brushes enable filigree painting and ensure the success of all fine work with their excellent colour absorption and even colour release.

We produce our best-selling Kolinsky 309v35 and Synthetic 97572v4 varieties with a high-quality triangular handle, which guarantees fatigue-free working.

These brushes are also available with a round, varnished handle in the Kolinsky 309v36 series so that the users can decide for themselves. We use round handles for detail brushes from size 2 upwards.

Detail Brush Kolinsky triangular 309v35 Detail Brush Kolinsky triangular 309v35
Detail Brush Kolinsky triangular 309v35
Detail Brush Kolinsky round 309v36 Detail Brush Kolinsky round 309v36
Detail Brush Kolinsky round 309v36
Detail Brush Synthetic triangular 97572v4 Detail Brush Synthetic triangular 97572v4
Detail Brush Synthetic triangular 97572v4

Kolinsky or synthetic fiber?

Regarding the hair of the brush tip, we offer natural Kolinsky hair and synthetic fiber.

Kolinsky hair: The hair is so popular because it has an extremely fine, long and elastic tip. Like all natural hair, it also has a very high fluid absorption capacity. Each individual hair has a small belly or thicker diameter area along its length. This thicker area makes the hair very strong.

Synthetic hair can now be designed precisely for your application. Possible parameters include e.g. the diameter, taper and cross-section geometry. Nowadays, synthetic hairs impress with their excellent performance and durability.

Both brush types are available in various sizes:


  • 10/0,5/0,4/0,3/0,00,0,1,2 with triangular handle
  • 10/0,5/0,4/0,3/0,00,1,2 and larger with round handle

Since January 2024, we have our new synthetic brush 97572v13 available in our range professional brushes for model making. The nut brown flamed triangular handie is combined with high quality synthetic fiber - together it results in a perfect detail brush.





This detail brush and further brushes from our professional range were awarded at Creative Impulse Award with the second prize in the category tool of the year 2024 during the Creativeworld show in Frankfurt.

Pin Point Brush

Series 92940 sizes 10/0, 00, 0

The bent ferrule is the highlight of this new brush series. Small areas and edges, which are difficult to reach, can be painted easily.

With the triangular shape of the handle, the brush is nice to hold and makes detailed working so simple and easy.

The model painting brush "Pin Point" with bent silver ferrule is available in the sizes 10/0, 00 and 0.

In our brush manufactory in Bechhofen, we produce your individual private label range for model painting according to your wishes and print the FSC certified wooden handles with your brand logo.

Please contact us with your wishes!

Flat Detail Brush

Series 98301v13

A small flat brush from the 98301v13 series in size 0 or 2 is indispensable in modelling. With the miniature flat brush, we can create small, structured, intricate details and achieve depth and emphasis on the smallest surfaces.


All brushes are characterized by an excellent quality and attractive cost-performance ratio.

Starting with the MOQ of 120 pieces per size we customize your brushes with your own brand logo!


Your contact person for model painting brushes & miniature brushes

Employee Diana Springer Employee Diana Springer
Diana Springer

model paint brushes, hobby brushes

+49 9822 8230 11

Information about ordering miniature brushes

  • Minimum order quantity 120 pieces
  • Individual design
  • Brushes with own logo
  • Single packaging or
  • Transport packaging

Product catalogue modelling brushes



Create your individual brush range for your modelling brand!

MOQ 120 pieces branded with your logo

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