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All about our German brush production

10 reasons why Zahn brush manufactory is your perfect production partner for high quality brushes:

1. Unique & individually developed brushes

Together with our customers we develop brushes to exactly meet their individual demands. We create individual brushes which help our customers to stand-out in the market.

2. Innovator & Trendsetter

Our customers benefit from our continuous development to enhance and optimize our brushes. We are setting trends with our developments and use of new materials, components and production processes. This approach leads to consistently new applications fields and ease of use for our international clients.

3. Professional quality made in Germany

Our German made brushes are professional products which can endure even toughest conditions. It is important that our customers enjoy using our brushes and combine with them positive experiences.

For tailor made brushes we count on our artisanal workmanship and use high-quality raw material.

4. 100% Private Label

We do not sell brushes branded with our own name. With this policy we avoid being in direct competition with our customers' brands. For all brushes developed together with our clients we guarantee of course exclusivity and protect the jointly developed know-how.

5. Unbeatable cost-performance ratio

As a purely private label producer we save cost for marketing, branding and sale structures. We concentrate on the role as producer and continually develop our internal processes and cooperate with a global network of experienced suppliers. The cost-benefit resulting from this are passed on to our customers.

6. Systems partner & global sourcing

Thanks to the continuous optimization of our production performance and the constant development of our global supplier network, we can offer brushes of all quality levels and for all applications. This helps our customers to optimize their material requirements planning and to reduce the complexity of purchasing.

7. Customer orientation, service & flexibility

We help our customers to make their work as easy as possible. Close coordination and communication, personal contact persons, short decision paths and implementation, a flat hierarchy and reliable processes support our clients’ needs.

8. Consciousness for society & environment

Resource saving production, use of environmentally friendly components and a sustainable cooperation with our regional suppliers are main aspects of our business policy. As the first and only brush factory worldwide Zahn Brush Manufactory is certified according to EN ISO 14001:2004, EMAS and FSC®-criteria and offers various vegan brush lines.

9. Family business with passion & social commitment

We are a family-operated and independent company with more than 100 years of tradition. We love, what we do and want to inspire our customers with our performance and our products. We are deeply rooted in our rural region. We have a long tradition of charitable projects as a social commitment to our community and region and we will continue to do so.

10. Long-term partnerships

With all our business partners and employees, we aim to have a long-term and appreciative partnership. We take our responsibility and the trust and confidence placed on us very seriously.

FAQ to Zahn Brush manufactory - Private label brush producer

1. What is the purpose of Zahn Pinselmanufaktur?

We give everything to realize our customers wishes for unique and attractive brush series. In this way, we help them to position themselves successfully in the market environment and strengthen their brand. We want to create the best conditions for perfect work results and positive experiences for brush users.


2. Which brushes does Zahn Pinselmanufaktur produce?

We are manufacturer of high quality brushes for demanding users in the fields of art & hobby, model making, cosmetics & personal care, nail design, shaving, craft, dental and industrial applications. We also welcome your special inquiry and requirements. Please feel free to contact our brush specialists.


3. What does private label production mean?

Zahn Pinselmanufaktur does not market brushes under its own name. We manufacture brushes exclusively under the brand names of our customers. This guarantees that we are never in a direct competitive relationship with our customers. We guarantee exclusivity for the brush series developed with our customers and thus actively protect the know-how we have built up together.


4. Who are the customers of Zahn Pinselmanufaktur?

Our customers are, for example, wholesalers, brands, brand manufacturers, industrial companies, retail chains and influencers. We deliver more than half of the brushes we manufacture abroad. In general, we strive for very long-term partnerships with our customers.


5. Can I have my individual desired brush developed?

Our great strength is the development of unique brush series individually tailored to customer requirements. An individualization e.g. with your logo or your desired handle color is already possible from an order quantity of 120 pieces per brush. Our brush specialists will be happy to answer any further questions you may have.


6. From what quantity can I order?

Since we produce all brushes according to customer requirements and order-related, we ask for a minimum order quantity of 120 brushes. For complete new developments or very intensive development work, the minimum order quantity can be up to 2000 brushes. Our brush specialists will be happy to answer any further questions you may have.


7. Where are the brushes made?

We produce the vast majority of our brushes in our modern manufacturing facility in Bechhofen (Northern Bavaria). We are fans and proud of "Made in Germany" and are constantly expanding our competencies and capacities in Germany. In consultation with our customers, we jointly determine for which type of brushes and components which production location makes the most sense. You are welcome to visit our production in Bechhofen by prior arrangement.



8. What kind of hair is Zahn unique brushes using?

We offer a very wide range of various natural hair and synthetic trim materials. Together with our customers and taking into account the intended use, we determine the best solution. We also offer a wide range of vegan brush series.


9. Where do the natural hair and synthetic fibers used come from?

We obtain our high-quality raw materials such as natural hair and synthetic fibers from an international, long-standing partner network. The natural hairs are "dressed" according to our quality specifications, i.e. washed or cleaned, combed and sorted and thus prepared for further processing into high-quality brush heads in bundles.

Synthetic fibers made of PBT or nylon are mainly sourced from Asia, where the fiber industry is concentrated. All synthetic fibers are, for example, pointed, crimped or colored according to our specifications and checked by our experienced brush makers for functionality and durability.

10. How are the brushes packed?

For environmental reasons, we try to avoid packaging material and especially the use of plastics as much as possible. We can offer a wide variety of standard packaging for safe transport protection. We usually develop sales packaging together with our customers or receive it from them.
Our brush specialists will be happy to show you our packaging options in detail.


11. What certificates does Zahn Pinselmanufaktur have?

We are certified according to ISO 14001, EMAS and FSC®. This high level of certification is a unique selling point among all brush manufacturers worldwide. We live the principle of continuous improvement and are constantly striving to further optimize our processes.


12. What is the importance of environmental protection at Zahn Pinselmanufaktur?

Our corporate strategy is designed to be long-term and sustainable.
We take our responsibility for the environment, society and future generations very seriously and we want to make a positive contribution to a fair, livable and joyful environment for all living beings. We have the highest environmental certification level of any brush factory in the world. Our goal is CO2-neutral brush production. We already generate a large part of the energy we need from our photovoltaic system. The wildflower meadow around our modern company building provides a home for many insect species.


13. Who are the people behind Zahn unique brushes?

We have been a family business for 4 generations and are independent of any group. We love what we do and are strongly rooted in our rural region. We strive for long-term partnerships with our employees and business partners. Social commitment and the support of charitable projects are a matter of course for us.


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