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GlueBrush - helpful tool for gluing and more

GlueBrush - helpful tool for gluing and more

Series 691040

When it comes to gluing processes, the right technique is half the battle. Almost all kinds of material can be bonded with themselves or with other materials.

We have set ourselves the task of developing a product that meets all our requirements.

A decisive criterion was the versatile application in model making, hobby and artist applications. Our GlueBrush is also ideally suited for technical applications.

It is not only the correct gluing method that is important. The glue often sticks to the tool and not to the part to be glued, which of course leads to frustration. Therefore, we have developed the GlueBrush as a useful tool for gluing.

Especially on small surfaces it is extremely difficult to apply the glue very precisely. Here, our GlueBrush is the solution!

But it`s not only suitable for gluing. The brush is ideal for colors, powder, pigments, lubricants and for cleaning work.

Also in the micro-electronics sector, where the amount of adhesives can be only a few micrograms, this tool is very helpful.

Versatile use also for colors, powder, pigments, cleaning Versatile use also for colors, powder, pigments, cleaning

The contact surface to be glued is not damaged thanks to the soft tips of the Nano Brush Sticks.

These sticks are replaceable and can be inserted in the holder at variable length.

If you need a longer glue tip to reach the gluing point, just don`t insert the stick to the very end of the holder.

For a shorter glue tip, push the stick all the way into the holder.

Sustainability is an important topic for us. That`s why the GlueBrush was developed as modular concept and the Nano Sticks can be easily replaced without disposing the GlueBrush as a whole.

The Nano Brush Sticks are available in the following two shapes:

The specially designed holder which is 3D printed in our production is made of sustainable resin and can be printed with your company logo by pad printing technique.


The 3D holder is available at a MOQ of 120 pieces (article no. 691040)

The Nano Sticks can be supplied in packs containing 18 pieces with MOQ of 10 packs:

  • Shape long article no. 691041
  • Shape round article no. 691042



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