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FALBEX Professional paint brushes

For liquid paints, waterbased paints, varnishes and stains


The all-rounder brush


Our proven FALBEX synthetic fiber helps you to work with all types of paint, best used combined with varnish. The fiber distinguishes itself by its high absorbing power, its high adaptability to different surfaces, and its stripeless end-result!

Ideal for water-based varnish. Handmade in Germany. The metal ferrules are made of stainless steel or nickel plated brass and therefore non-corrosive. The high quality and attractive brush handles are made of European FSC® beech wood.


The all-rounder brush


For all our FALBEX professional brushes made in Germany we use high-quality, very fine and durable PBT fibers. Thus, the brushes are suitable best as professioneal varnish brush and finishing brush for a stroke-free, harmonic painting result.



FALBEX FINISHER Spalter straight - series 2133

Perfectly for spreading various kinds of paint.


FALBEX FINISHER spalter angular - series 21332

Ideal for difficult to reach edges and corners as well as for calligraphy effects.


FALBEX FINISHER spalter oval shape - series 21333

Brush for circular movements and a smooth painting performance.


FALBEX Angular liner - series 71984

For extremley precise working without masking.


FALBEX fitch brush - series 720 straight
series 721 bended

The allrounder brushes also for hard to access areas.


FALBEX round brush - series 7011

Special develpment as window brush and effects on finished surfaces.



FALBEX flat brush angular with inlay - series 2150

The multi-use brush in 12. thickness with inlay
for extremely high paint absorption


FALBEX FINISHER flat brush bended - series 607070

Perfect for radiators and hard to reach areas.

Triangular Liner soft Falbex

Series 71991 Nr. 12, 15, 20, 25


This triangular liner brush makes it possible to work fast but still with highest precision.

With this special triangular shape, you can easily reach edges and achieve best painting results. Precise, even strokes, edges and corners - so easy to paint with this professional tool! The perfect solution for liquid paints is our FALBEX fiber which perfectly adapts to all sufaces - for a stroke-free paintin g result.

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Sorte 610442 straight & 610443 diagonal

With our Colossal brush series you can apply paint to larger surfaces in no time at all.
The extra strong brush series absorbs the medium to be applied very well and releases it evenly.


In order to be able to convince in corners and edges, we supplement our flat COLOSSAL series with an angular brush.

With these two brushes you are equipped very well for your upcoming project with pastier colors.

  • Does not leave any grooves in the painting result
  • Best surface adaptation

Your contact person for professional painting brushes

Nadja Essler

painting brushes, brushes for craftsmen

+49 9822 8230 18


Information about ordering painting brushes

  • Minimum order quantity 120 pieces per type and size
  • Brushes with individual design and own logo
  • Single packaging or brush sets
  • Individual painting brush series development

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