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Brislex brushes made in Germany Brislex brushes made in Germany


Bristle newly invented!

BRISLEX vegan synthetic bristle

100% synthetic filament with various profiles, diameters and color shades - the perfect imitation of natural bristle.

Our vegan Brislex synthetic bristle convinces by the following features:

  • Highest paint uptake thanks to multilayered and conically shaped filament
  • Excellent paint holding capacity in the brush head without dripping
  • High elasticity and shape retention, especially for water-based paints and lacquers
  • No swelling of the brush head as with natural bristle
  • Also on rough surfaces significantly more durable than natural bristle
  • Constant quality of filament
  • Resistant toward all common solvents allowed in the paint industry (except of sodium hydroxide)    

All over all the perfect alternative to natural bristle!


New: BRISLEX Bended stencil brush

Series 605059


Thanks to the bended ferrule stenciling with the new BRISLEX stencil brush is very comfortable. The bended brush helps to ease the work and to achieve a more natural hand posture while stenciling.

With the bended brush head, you easily paint all hard to reach areas and  achieve an excellent painting result.      


New: BRISLEX ergonomic mottler brush angular

Series 610449 Gr. 35 + 50


Thanks to the special angled brush tip spreading the paint becomes so easy.

Perfectly suitable for nearly all types of paints, as finish brush, as window brush and for working in edges and corners.

BRISLEX Lyon brush

Series 770 Nr. 16, 20, 24


Perfect for difficult to reach areas like edges and corners and for clearly defined color transitions:

Our Lyon brush with the new BRISLEX synthetic fiber with bent ferrule made of nickel-plated brass is handmade in Germany by experience brush makers.

Combined with an FSC® certified, raw wooden handle, the brush can be customized with your own brand logo with MOQ of 120 pieces per size.

[Translate to English:] Brislex Lyon Pinsel aus Synthetikborste [Translate to English:] Brislex Lyon Pinsel aus Synthetikborste

BRISLEX Round brush

Series 7011 Nr. 20, 25, 30


The pointed round brush is suitable for various applications, especially for varnishing and difficult jobs in corners and edges. With raw wooden handle including hole. We can customize your individual brush series with your brand logo!


BRISLEX COLOSSAL brush flat & angular

Series flat: 610444 sizes 25, 35, 50 series angular: 610445 sizes 25, 35


The extra-large COLOSSAL brushes are suitable for painting larger surfaces. We produce two different versions of this series: flat shape and angular shape. The ferrules are branded with the size and assembled with stainless steel clamps.

The raw wooden handle is FSC certified and sourced from sustainable forestry.

BRISLEX Fitch brushes straight and bended

straight: 730 sizes 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 - bended: 731 sizes 10, 15, 20, 25, 30


The fitch brushes are perfect for drawing finest lines, for varnishing and painting places that are hard to reach. Also for industrial use to clean machines and parts. Available as straight and bended fitch brush. 


BRISLEX spalter brush

Series 913142 sizes 3/4", 1", 2", 3", 4", 5"


Suited for priming, varnishing but also as finishing brush for all types of paints and varnishes. Thanks to the large size range the Brislex spalter brushes are suitable for all kinds of surfaces.

We can customize the brush handle from MOQ 120 pieces per size with your brand logo, barcode and additional information. 

BRISLEX stenciling brush

Series 91003


The vegan synthetic alternative to all common stencil brushes made of natural bristle:

Our stencil brush made of BRISLEX filament convinces by great painting results and an excellent price / quality ratio. Our stencil brush made of vegan BRISLEX fibre enables precise work and good control over the application of paint. The short bristles ensure that the paint is applied evenly and in a controlled manner without running under the stencil. With the BRISLEX synthetic bristle, even pressure can be applied to the stencil to avoid smearing the paint. At the same time, however, the fibers are flexible enough to adapt to the contours of the stencil and thus enable precise stenciling.

Quality brush made in Germany.

We personalize your brush with an individual imprint on the handle and offer various packaging options for your point of sale.

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Information about ordering painting brushes

  • Minimum order quantity 120
    pieces per type and size
  • Brushes with individual design
    and own logo
  • Single packaging or brush sets
  • Individual painting brush series


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