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Unique, individual brushes

Perfectly meeting your specific needs

Unique, individual brushes

We give our best to realize our customers's wishes for unique, customized and attractive brush series.

In this way, we help them to successfully stand out in the market and strenghten their brand.

For the brush useres we want to create the best brushes for perfect working results and positive experiences.

Please feel free to contact us with your special requirements and wishes.


Contact our Zahn Brush manufatory team

To realize your customized brush project, we will follow these development steps

  • Analysis of paint or liquid used for specific application
  • Determination of the application intensity
  • Consideration of service life specifications
  • General application targets
  • Consideration or target cost
  • Lead time for project
  • round
  • flat
  • special shapes
  • natural hair
  • synthetic fibers
  • other brush head material (silicone, wire, ...)
  • Geometry
  • Ergonomic requirements
  • Color
  • Geometry
  • Raw material
  • Color
  • Geometry
  • Raw material
  • Color
  • Additonal features
  • Positioning
  • Imprint method / Laser engraving in metal parts
  • Printing color
  • Sales packaging (single / set)
  • Transport packaging
  • Raw material
  • Design
  • Labeling
  • Packaging supplied by customer
  • Approval of final specifications
  • Release sample before series production
  • Serial production according to approved specification
  • After sales services following CIP criteria
Saskia Sieber

artist brushes, hobby brushes, school paint brushes

+49 9822 8230 19

We produce:

  • Water color brushes
  • Brushes for acrylic painting
  • Oil painting and hobby brushes
  • Brushes for special & creative applications

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Antje Nehr

nail design brushes, cosmetic brushes, mask brushes

+49 9822 8230 12

We produce:

  • Acrylic brushes
  • Gel brushes
  • Nail Art brushes
  • Accessories

More about Nail Design brushes

We produce:

  • Cosmetic brushes for makeup
  • Mask brushes
  • Accessories

More about cosmetic brushes

Lisa Beck

shaving brushes, marketing

+49 9822 8230 23

We produce:

  • Shaving brushes made of badger hair
  • Shaving brushes made of vegan synthetic fiber
  • Individual shaving brush knots

More about shaving brushes

Nadja Essler

painting brushes, brushes for craftsmen

+49 9822 8230 18

We produce:

  • Round brushes and flat brushes
  • Mottler brushes
  • Creative tools & brushes

More about painting brushes for craftsmen

Natascha Wambach Natascha Wambach
Natascha Wambach

dental brushes, technical brushes, barista brushes

+49 9822 8230 10

We produce:

  • Stain and ceramic layering brushes
  • Opaker brushes, silicone brushes
  • Isolation and waxing brushes
  • Single use and oral hygiene brushes
  • Brush accessories

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  • Technical brushes
  • Dosing brushes
  • Flow brushes
  • Barista brushes

More about technical brushes

Employee Diana Springer Employee Diana Springer
Diana Springer

model paint brushes, hobby brushes

+49 9822 8230 11

We produce:

  • Brushes for model painting
  • Miniature brushes

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