Премированные Кисти

Инновационные и трендовые кисти, которые делают живопись и дизайн - наша страсть.

Многие из серии кистей, которые мы разработали, уже завоевали международные награды:

Cake Decoration Brush Series - это все о тортах, пирогах, пирожных и т.д!

Тенденция все больше и больше делает даже испеченное, украшенное с любовью -креативным. Независимо от того, начинающий, продвинутый или даже профессиональный - здесь каждый может позволить своим идеям процветать.

Для разных областей применения мы разработали три набора, чьи кисти идеально подобраны. Все кисти изготовлены из синтетического материала, имеют сертифицированную FSC деревянную ручку и подходят для контакта с пищевыми продуктами.

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Brush series Meisterklasse Kolinex - winning third prize as Creative Tool of 2015

Our new synthetic hair brush series Meisterklasse Kolinex: For water colour painting as well as oil painting!

The extremely high elasticity of the brush is guaranteed by exceptionally good quality of the selected synthetic hair. It perfectly simulates natural Kolinsky hair in elasticity and water holding capacity.

Through the perfect blend of hair in different lengths and with different geometries it imitates the natural shape of Kolinsky hair so that the brush has an excellent belly and a perfect tip.

This typical belly for Kolinsky hair is essential for an excellent water holding capacity and elasticity of the brush.

The Meisterklasse Kolinex brush series is available in round and flat shap with a seamless nickel plated brass ferrule, combined with an elegant mahogany coloured handle in long for oil painting or in short for water colour painting.

The synthetic hair brush for highest demands!


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Angular liner with reservoir

- 100% more paint holding capacity than a conventional angular liner made of natural bristle; thus longer brush strokes without stopping.

- Perfect for painting exact, even and long lines (for example to separate different colored surfaces) and painting corners. It is not necessary to mask the surface anymore.

- Universal use for thin as well as thick paints because of the combination of fine Brislon® synthetic filament in the core and thick natural bristle on the outside.

- Universal use for detail painting with the fine synthetic Brislon® filament in the core as well as extensive paint application with the complete brush.

- Also usable as finish and sign writing brush.

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BRISLON® Angular liner made of synthetic BRISLON® bristle

The innovative BRISLON® Filament offers many benefits: It is tapered, hollow and with small artificial flags at the top. Therefore the Brislon® Angular Liner shows great shape retention and is also applicable for liquid paints because of its high capillary effect. 

The extreme exact edge guarantees an excellent painting performance even after frequent use - the brush stays in shape. The angular shaped ferrule was designed to realize equal hair stiffness - for the top to the bottom. 

The Brislon® brush head is combined with a high quality raw beechwood handle which is easy to clean thanks to its smooth surface.

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Zigma Nail Design brush series

In cooperation with a leading nail design company Zahn developed a new trendsetting nail brush series. The usually used wooden or acrylic handle was replaced by a new  ZIGMA aluminum handle. This new handle is 100% resistant against aggressive cleaning detergents used by nail Designers.

Zahn Brush Company developed the ZIGMA brush series with different brush shapes for the various nail design applications - with 100% customer satisfaction.

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