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Professional water color brush from Springer brush range


The series SP1050 round watercolor brush with pointed tip and series SP1088 liner brush with reservoir are definitely highlight products for all professional and demanding artists.  


Water color brush series SP1050 „watercolor Taklon pointed“

For this brush series we us a customized blend of Taklon synthetic fibers which are characterized by extremely high paint holding capacity and fine tips. The brushes are perfect for working with very liquid paints. The precisely shaped brush tip gets back to shape easily after every use.


Water color brush series SP1088 „watercolor Taklon reservoir liner“

The specialty of this high-quality brush series is the extremely fine and long brush tip which is handmade with a particular production method. The brush stores a high volume of liquid in its body and supports a constant and even stroke without interruption thanks to its long needle-sharp tip. The brush body stabilizes the tip and guarantees a great shape retention.


Both new brush series come with a seamless silver ferrule and short black lacquered handle made of FSC® certified birchwood.

With a minimum order quantity of 120 pieces per size, we can print your individual logo and produce the brush with your preferred handle color. Please get back to us with your preferences!

Your contact persons for watercolor brushes

Saskia Sieber
  • artist brushes
  • hobby brushes
  • school paint brushes

+49 9822 8230 19

Employee Diana Springer Employee Diana Springer
Diana Springer
  • model paint brushes
  • hobby brushes

+49 9822 8230 11

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