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Meisterklasse KOLINEX Short Round & Reservoir Liner

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Meisterklasse KOLINEX additions

Short Round & Reservoir Liner

KOLINEX Short Round

Series 9305

As addition to our successful brush series KOLINEX made of synthetic Kolinsky hair we have developed this short, round shape with its short and dense brush body.

Thanks to this shorter visible fiber length, the brush body is more stable and therefore the perfect retouching brush.

Even better stroke control and an excellent painting performance with unique liquid absorption feature this popular brush series.

KOLINEX Reservoir Liner

Series 9306


For letter painting and for every use where a long brush stroke is vital, our new handcrafted KOLINEX Reservoir Liner is your perfect brush.

The outer brush belly made of synthetic squirrel hair is the ideal liquid reservoir, the very fine tip made of synthetic Kolinsky called "Kolinex" ensures a long and even liquid release.

Convince yourself of the unique quality of our made in Germany brush series Meisterklasse KOLINEX!


The vegan, ecological and powerful alternative to natural Kolinsky and sable hair

Technical features:

  • Hair filament is made of high quality PBT (polybutylene terephthalate) with superior life time and resistance
  • Individual filaments are highly tapered in order to receive a perfectly pointed brush shape
  • The individual filaments are slightly crimped in order to imitate the natural inhomogeneity of Kolinsky hair
  • The single brush sizes and shapes are made of individually composed blends of different hair diameters (e.g. 0.07mm, 0.10mm, 0.12mm) in order to obtain a maximum density of the brush body
  • The typical “belly shape” of a Kolinsky hair brush is imitated through the optimal composition of different lengths and crimping positions of the individual filaments.


Kolinex vs. Kolinsky / natural sable hair

  • KOLINEX brushes are 100% vegan
  • KOLINEX brushes have a longer life-time because of high quality PBT filament
  • Thanks to the perfect imitation of the “belly shape” and the high density of the brush body KOLINEX brushes have a nearly identically superb liquid absorption as natural Kolinsky / sable hair brushes
  • KOLINEX brushes are easy to clean and have a very good chemical resistance
  • KOLINEX brushes come to a needle-sharp point due to the highly tapered filaments and show a great shape retention even under extensive use
  • The elasticity and spring of KOLINEX brushes is considerably higher
  • KOLINEX brushes offer a much better cost-performance ratio than natural Kolinsky / sable hair brushes
  • KOLINEX brushes work with all kind of painting media
  • KOLINEX brushes are available in every possible size and shape

All brushes are characterized by an excellent quality and attractive cost-performance ratio.

Starting with the MOQ of 120 pieces per size we customize your brushes with your own brand logo!

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